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Motivation Helpline is for people who are lacking motivation & need a supporting hand. Our purpose is to listen & motivate you, as a friend & motivational guide.

Please note - We are not counselors, psychologists, medical experts, or offer any form of medical advice or therapy session.

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Why we get demotivated?

Unrealistic Expectations

Lack A Sense Of Purpose

Working For The Wrong Reason

Settling For Less


Inaction / Boredom

Comparison with Others


Living In The Past


Poor Time Management

Missing Value Of Little Things

Life without Motivation?

Motivation is the reason to get out of bed every morning. Its the reason to strive hard, reason to give your 100%. Life without motivation is life wasted.

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We are happy to receive tremendous response from our callers. Being a small part in their life, gives purpose and meaning to our existence.



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