About Us

Motivation Helpline is a Call in Motivation Service, located in Mumbai.

There can be numerous reasons why we feel domotivated, it can be Fear Of Progress / Change, Lack of a Sense Of Purpose, Working For The Wrong Reason, Unrealistic Expectations, Settling For Less Than You Can Achieve, Inaction, Boredom, Self-doubt, Negative Outlook, Living In The Past, Blame Game, Poor Time Management, Not Understanding Value Of Little Things.

We also can get demotivated when we experience failure.
Actually, failure can be the biggest teacher in our lives.
But during failure, we all feel demotivated, we often lose our hope, and the future ahead looks bleak.
That is the time all of us need a friend and a guide to listen to us, to understand us and finally motivate us to get back to our feet, and again become positive in life.

This is why we have created Motivation Helpline. Motivation Helpline is for people who are lacking motivation and need a supporting hand. Our Purpose Is to listen & motivate our callers, as a Friend & Motivational Guide.

We are not counselors, psychologists, medical experts, or offer any form of medical advice or therapy session. Also this is not in any form a pschological, mental or medical helpline.